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Hand Painted Silk Scarf "Tulips"

Hand Painted Silk Scarf "Tulips"

Introducing an exclusive and unique silk scarf with hand-painted "Tulips" design. 
The predominant colors in this artwork are blue, autumn foliage, and orange/terracotta tulip color. 
Blue is associated with the sky, the sea, and freshness, while the orange and terracotta tulip colors create a bright contrast and give the image a lively and energetic feel. 
Orange is associated with warmth, sunshine, and enthusiasm, and terracotta with the earth and nature.

The combination of these colors creates a bright and attractive look that goes well with both autumn and spring outfits.
Soft and delicate silk makes this scarf the perfect accessory for any outfit.
Undoubtedly, this exquisite handmade scarf will draw attention to you.

A silk scarf is a stylish and luxurious accessory that will never go out of fashion. 
It can be an original gift for any special occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and many more.

The original silk scarf was designed and hand-painted by artist Svetlana Titova on 100% silk using the cold batik technique. 
Her work is done with high-quality paints that guarantee long-lasting vibrancy. 
The colors will remain bright and saturated regardless of the age of the scarf. 
The artist creatively combines ancient traditions of silk painting with modern styles and themes.


You can choose between three sizes :

- 15" x 60" (38 x 152 cm), 

- 14" x 72" (35 x 182 cm), 

- 22" x 72" (56 x 182 cm), 

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